Last Updated: February 2016

SCHRS is the principal handicapping system recognized by ISAF for cat on cat racing. Where monohulls and catamarans race together, Portsmouth Yardstick (PY) ratings are commonly used. The PY Look Alike ratings below are provided to enable catamarans without official PY Ratings to compete.

The Portsmouth Yardstick Committee and SCHRS World Council have agreed a conversion factor that may be applied to any make, model and configuration of catamaran for which an SCHRS rating has been approved by SCHRS so that it may be raced under the Portsmouth Yardstick. The conversion formula is SCHRS x 675 = PY and is shown in the column headed PY LOOK ALIKE.

To strengthen the SCHRS to PY conversion factor, UK clubs are encouraged to provide data to the RYA for all races in which catamarans compete. If such races are initially scored under SCHRS, sailing scoring programs such as Sailwave or HAL Race Results are capable of dual scoring under a second system such as PY. This would allow for results to be considered under both SCHRS and PY and the results of PY Racing to be simply uploaded direct to (external link) , strengthening both schemes. For advice on dual scoring use scoring software help systems or contact RYA Technical and Racing Services.

2Win Sonic1.283866
2Win Sonic Solo1.259850
2Win Twincat 15 Sport1.231831
2Win Tyka1.375928
A-Classic (straight/constant curve foils)1.002676
AHPC Capricorn F181675
AHPC Taipan 4.91.059715
AHPC Taipan 4.91.059715
AHPC Taipan 4.9 solo1.084732
Alado 18 Aileron1.09736
Alado 18 F18 1675
Bim 161.155780
Bim 16 - Javelin 16 solo1.023691
Bim 16 - Javelin double1.114752
Bim 18 Class A (>100 Kgs)1.078728
Bim 18 Double1.071723
Bim 18 Double Sloop1.045705
Bim 201.029695
Bim Javelin 18 Hightech1.019688
Bim Javelin 2 (not 18HT)1.04702
Bimare X16 Double Spinnaker1.119755
Bimare X16 Solo1.083731
Bimare X16 Solo Spinnaker1.036699
Bimare X16FPlus1.022690
Bimare X4 F181675
C 4.81.281865
C 4.8 Major1.25844
Cirrus 16 Q F 161.035699
Cirrus 16 Q solo F161.055712
Cirrus B1 F181675
Cirrus Ecole1.09736
Cirrus Energy Regate1.111750
Cirrus Energy Regate Solo1.141770
Cirrus Evolution1.038701
Cirrus Evolution Solo1.084732
Cirrus F18 1675
Condor 161.179796
Dart 161.291871910
Dart 16 X Race1.236834
Dart 181.213819814
Dart 18 Cat Boat1.226828
Dart 18 Spinnaker1.169789
Dart 201.092737
Dart 20 TSX1.101743
Dart 20 TSX spinnaker1.07722
Dart 60001.115753
Dart Hawk F181675
Dart Sting 1.338903
Dart Sting Cat Boat1.346909
Dart Sting Solo 1.247842
Diam 3 F18 1675
Falcon F16 - 2 crew1.027693
Falcon F16 - cat boat1.048707
Flying Phantom Foiler0.89601
Formula 16 double1.003677
Formula 16 solo1.009681
Formula 181675693
Goodall C2 F181675
Goodall Viper Double1.035699
Goodall Viper Solo1.051709
Gwynt 141.25844
Hawke Surfcat 70201.3878
Hawke Surfcat 7020 (Main Only)1.465989
Hobie 131.5841069
Hobie 141.381932
Hobie 14 race (with jib)1.262852
Hobie 151.3878
Hobie 161.191804
Hobie 16 Easy1.288869
Hobie 16 Spinnaker1.146774
Hobie 17 (without wings)1.207815
Hobie 181.089735
Hobie 18 Formula1.034698
Hobie 18 Formula 1041.062717
Hobie 18 Magnum (with wings)1.093738
Hobie 18 SX1.111750
Hobie 20 Formula1.021689
Hobie 210.949641
Hobie 21 (3 Crew)0.986666
Hobie 21 Formula0.945638
Hobie Advance1.5531048
Hobie Catsy2.0391376
Hobie Dragoon Club1.457983
Hobie Dragoon Xtrem1.414954
Hobie Fox F200.964651
Hobie FX One Cat Boat1.082730
Hobie FX One Double1.042703
Hobie FX Xtrem1.044705
Hobie Getaway1.238836
Hobie Max1.132764
Hobie Max Youth1.144772
Hobie Pacific (no wing-no spi)1.13763
Hobie pacific (wings-spinnaker)1.096740
Hobie Teddy1.6081085
Hobie Tiger F181675
Hobie Twixxy1.45979
Hobie Wave1.51013
Hobie Wildcat F181675
Hurricane 4.91.133765
Hurricane 5.51.05709
Hurricane 5.9 (without spi)1.048707
Hurricane 5.9 Sport1.02689
Hurricane 5.9 SX1.019688699
Hurricane 5001.152778
Hurricane 500 spinnaker1.109749
KL 15.5 - SL15.51.222825
KL 161.172791
KL 17 Power1.143772
KL 17 Regate1.172791
KL 17 Regate spinnaker1.124759
KL 17.5 Tonic (without spinnaker)1.186801
KL 18 Regate1.097740
KL Booster1.133765
KL Phoenix F181675
Magic F181675
Mattia 141.468991
Mattia 161.242838
Mattia 171.035699
Mattia 18 (104)1.109749
Mattia 18 (104) spinnaker1.065719
Mattia 18 F181675
Mattia 18 Raid1.025692
Mattia 201.05709
Mattia 20 Sloop1.009681
Mattia 20 spinnaker1.035699
Mattia 20 Venti1.023691
Mattia Declic1.22824
Mattia Esse1.091736
Mattia Esse Solo1.185800
Mattia Esse Sport1.039701
Mattia Esse Sport Solo1.085732
Mattia Flash F181675
Mattia Smile1.131763
Mattia Smile Sport1.095739
Miracle 201.019688
Miracle 20 (without spinnaker)1.067720
Mystere 2000 F201675
Mystere 5.01.194806
Mystere 5.0 Xl1.123758
Mystere 5.5 Fun1.084732
Mystere 5.5 Master1.071723
Mystere 5.5 Master spinnaker1.029695
Mystere 6.00.991669
Mystere Twister F181675
Nacra 151.088734
Nacra 16 solo1.058714
Nacra 16 double1.035699
Nacra 16 curved foils single handed1.041703
Nacra 16 with curved foils1.019688
Nacra 17 Olympic Class0.993670
Nacra 18M21.088734
Nacra 20 Carbon0.875591
Nacra 20 One Design0.962649
Nacra 2005 F181675
Nacra 4.51.277862
Nacra 4.5 Solo1.318890
Nacra 4601.269857
Nacra 460 Solo1.294873
Nacra 460 Solo Spinnaker1.234833
Nacra 460 Sport1.215820
Nacra 5.0 Cat Boat1.249843
Nacra 5.0 Double1.161784
Nacra 5.0 Double spinnaker1.125759
Nacra 5.21.117754
Nacra 5.2 spinnaker1.078728
Nacra 5.5 Raid1.088734
Nacra 5.5 Raid spinnaker1.041703
Nacra 5.5 SL1.074725
Nacra 5.5 SL spinnaker1.032697
Nacra 5.7 Race1.119755
Nacra 5.7 Race spinnaker1.084732
Nacra 5.81.018687
Nacra 5001.167788
Nacra 500 Sport1.119755
Nacra 500 Solo1.221824
Nacra 500 Solo Spinnaker1.162784
Nacra 570 (without spinnaker)1.086733
Nacra 570 Sport1.036699
Nacra 580 (without spinnaker)1.056713
Nacra 580 Sport1.004678
Nacra 6.01.005678
Nacra 6.0 Raid1.012683
Nacra 6.0 SE1.028694
Nacra 6.0 SE spinnaker0.98662
Nacra Blast1.184799
Nacra F17 Sloop1.044705
Nacra F17 Solo1.07722
Nacra F20 Carbon FCS0.856578
Nacra Infusion F181675
Nacra Inter 17 Solo Spinnaker1.105746
Nacra Inter 17 Xl solo1.173792
Nacra Inter 18 F181675
Nacra Inter 20 F200.972656
New Cat F11.426963
New Cat F21.464988
New Cat Swing1.235834
New Marine 12 Junior Cat Boat1.7521183
New Marine 12 Junior Double1.8441245
New Marine 12 Racing Cat Boat1.6191093
New Marine 12 Racing Double1.7031150
New Marine 16 Swing Cat Boat1.252845
New Marine 16 Swing Double1.197808
Prindle 151.293873
Prindle 161.228829
Prindle 181.135766
Prindle 18.21.091736
Prindle 18-2 spinnaker1.051709
Prindle 191.062717
Prindle 19 Pacer1.073724
Prindle 19 Pacer spinnaker1.021689
Prindle 19 spinnaker1.01682
Prindle Play Cat1.288869
Raptor F161.018687
RS Cat 16 Club1.348910
RS Cat 16 S1.325894
RS Cat 16 XL1.273859
Shadow X1.106747
Shearwater spinnaker1.191804
Shockwave F181675
SL 161.139769
SL 5.21.08729
SL15.5 - KL15.51.222825
Spitfire S1.033697
Sprint 15 Cat Boat1.397943933
Sprint 15 DX1.209816
Sprint 15 GTI1.392940
Sprint 15 Sport Solo1.269857890
Stealth F16 Double1.003677
Stealth F16 solo1.009681
Stingray 5.51.019688
Thundercat 181.058714
Tomahawk F200.994671
Topaz 14C1.418957
Topaz 14CX Spinnaker1.371925
Topaz 14Xtreme1.269857
Topaz 16C1.304880
Topaz 16CX1.254846
Topaz 16S1.368923
Topaz 16S Spinnaker1.31884
Topcat 15 F21.292872
Topcat 15 Solo1.305881
Topcat 18 K11.065719
Topcat 18 Spitfire (without spinnaker)1.143772
Topcat 4.51.213819
Topcat Chico1.6621122
Topcat F11.303880
Topcat F21.254846
Topcat K1 Big Jib1.082730
Topcat K1 Big jib & spinnaker1.045705
Topcat K21.143772
Topcat K2 Spinnaker1.106747
Topcat K3 1.198809
Topcat K3 Spinnaker1.154779
Topcat K3 Solo1.232832
Topcat K3 Solo Spinnaker1.179796
Topcat Spifire 2.31.105746
Topcat Spifire 2.51.085732
Tornado 24m2 Spinnaker0.985665
Tornado Classic1.036699
Tropic GTI1.141770
Tropic GTI Spinnaker1.096740
Ventilo 181.043704
Ventilo 18 HT1.011682
Ventilo 20 CB0.983664
Ventilo 6090.965651
Ventilo Quickie1.018687
Ventilo Zippo1.062717
Warp 181.138768
Warp 18 Spinnaker1.09736
Provisional ratings for new classes
Bimare X16FPlus >125kg1.031696