Welcome to SCHRS

Welcome to the ISAF Small Catamaran Handicap Rating System which provides a systematic way of rating more than 250 catamaran classes and variants. The system is based on 12 measurements combined in a formula which is varied in the light of experience. It is widely used by clubs for mixed catamaran fleet racing, and for larger long distance events. It can be linked to other systems, such as Portsmouth Yardstick or USPN, and is used to provide starting figures for classes or variants where there is insufficient performance data.


The ISAF Small Catamaran Handicap Rating System, SCHRS, evolved over a number of years, initially from a basic rating system used in the USA from the 1960's, which the French Federation de Voile modified to become what was known in Europe as the French Catamaran Rating System in the eighties. The French have always been one of driving forces in Racing Catamarans, and they included a method of rating foils in their system.

Around 1990 the then IYRU decided that as the World Authority, they should have their own system for Rating Small Catamarans. A Working Party was formed, and they examined various options. The main contenders at the time were the FFV System the Dutch Texel Rating System, which was another measurement based system, and which evolved in the early eighties as a result of a need to deal with the escalating number of entrants in the annual Round Texel Race.

Both systems produce rating numbers which are remarkably close in many cases, but at the time it was thought that the ability to rate foils was important and the system chosen for what is now the ISAF SCHRS evolved from the French Rating System.

The 2014 amended numbers follow extensive discussion with other handicapping authorities, and contain direct input from the UK, Australia, France and Holland. Comments on anomalies and performance have been received from many other countries.


World Council

Jean-Claude Rouves (President)
French representative
Pierre-Charles Barraud
Official French measurer
Olivier Bovyn
President Int. F18 Class Association
Mark Schneider
USA representative
Colin Whitehead
South Africa representative
Brian Chapman
Australian representative

Technical Committee

William Sunnucks (Chairman)
Deputy Chairman UKCRA
Dave Chivers
Official UK measurer
Andrew Gallagher
Irish representative
Olly Harris
Naval Architect
Simon Longstaff
past SCHRS Chairman
Jason Smithwick
ISAF Technical Director
Geoff Balfre